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[Music] Sky Deep (Original Mix)

[Feature] Mikeyy – Maintaining [Prod. by Professor E and Mikeyy]

Check out the homie’s version of this beat! The sounds are from the upper echelon remix!

[Remix] Upper Echelon PROFEEZY REMIX

  Another remix to this mixtape.  Link to the rest of tape can be found here:

[Freestyle] Fuccilio – Run Away (No Shame) [Prod. by Professor E]

  Who could this, Fuccilio be? Some kind of menace?

[Music] <3 Your Cup by Professor E

Take this freebie, it includes two sets of acapellas that create this unified love for a cup.

[Music] Shiny Sunny Phonk Theory (Guest-Starring Beyonce) by Professor E

Enjoy any sun that shines during these unpredictable weather changes! This one’s a freebie, because the sun shined around my way!  -Prof. E

[Music] Life Ahead by Professor E

  We got the a whole life ahead of us, we are the next generation of the world. Let’s make it count!   -Prof. E

[Music] Spooky

Spooky vibes as September comes to an end.

Way of Life (feat. Paul Andersson)

Way of Life, featuring Paul Andersson, a good friend who understands music theory and an ear for good music. I would label this as experimental progressive trap. Not much more […]

[Mixtape] Summer Goodness: 2013 Edition, Available Now!

Summer Goodness is finally here. Most of the tracks have been released during the summer BUT, I included 4 unreleased beats on this to add that extra flair to it. […]



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